Hello World!!

“Hello World” was one of my grandmother’s favorite sayings. She would say it anytime anything unusual or funny happened. She was one of the rocks in my life….she died when I was 14, but she had an incredible impact on me in those short 14 years. She lived a hard life, but always had hugs, smiles, words of wisdom, and a popsicle for me.

As a woman, don’t you wish you had the  answers for the perplexing problems in life?? Dating, working, marriage, and children can create many interesting joys and frustrations in our lives. Too many times we hide our frustrations from one another because we think we are the only ones struggling. We look at other women and think, “Wow! She has it made…her life is sooo perfect.” Well, I will guarantee if you scratch just below the surface you would find struggles, pain, doubts, guilt, shame, and fear and we are all trying to hide it and cope on our own.

Recently, I have been spending a great deal of time in conversations with dear women struggling. They are struggling with mariages, children, jobs (or lack of) and their spirituality (or lack of). The only reason they are telling me their struggles is because they know I have struggled. The problem is….. I don’t have all the answers….I am hoping this blog can help.

I remember bits and pieces of sage wisdom from the women in my family……grandmothers, mothers, great grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and cousins. I have been lucky to be part of a strong “tribe” of spiritual women by my birth and by marriage. Somehow, a lot of what I witnessed and heard from them as a child stuck…..( a good deal of it I chose to ignore and wish now I had listened, oh, the pain I could have escaped).

It has been placed on my heart to begin a conversation….a place where women can come for love, strength, and sound advice. Where sage women can offer that love, strength, and advice. Where we  can create a “tribe” of sisters taking care of one another asking questions, offering ideas, talking, laughing, and sharing life…I hope you will  join…….The Sister Tribe…together we CAN change our lives, our marriages, and our families and make the world’s future much stronger and brighter!!

Be my Sister…

Join the Tribe…….Change the World.

peace sisters!!